Value of Rorokenes Indonesia



To become a national company in the fashion sector that empowers local knowledge and wisdom to create global standard products.


  • Implementing the production process of fashion bags made from local raw materials with innovative designs and high quality standards.
  • Prioritizing customer satisfaction through a quality personal service experience.
  • Creating integrated community empowerment in business processes by applying the principle of gender equality.
  • Ensure business continuity with environmentally friendly raw material and waste processing standards.

Values and Strategies

Rorokenes has business strategies and values orienting in business continuity as well as local communities empowerment, those are:

  • Quality Guarantee — Rorokenes has always conducted strict supplier determination procedure to ensure high quality raw materials.

  • Local Oriented, International Vision — Eventhough always be in international trend, Rorokenes consistently recruits employees from local community to be able to contribute in improving their life standards.
  • Focus on the Future — Rorokenes constantly looks into the future, reads opportunity, as well as creates timeless, elegant, fashionable and ethical bags.
  • Timeless Design and adjust with the urban needs — Rorokenes attempts to create designs for women from various circles with simple, chic, elegant designs in affordable price.

Believes and Commitment

Rorokenes believes that a good business, in addition to having a good product, must also provide benefits for others, can help prosper the community, and must not destroy the nature. Therefore, Rorokenes has the tagline “good product, good impact, elegance in your everyday looks.”

Rorokenes’ commitment to help others is manifested by empowering community groups in Semarang and its surroundings actively. Regularly, Rorokenes holds skills training and collaborates with the Rorokenes cluster to produce woven leather bags. Up to now, there are three clusters that work together and they are supported by Rorokenes. The clusters consist of a group of tailors, a group of weavers, and a group of mothers with children with disabilities of cerebral palsy. The mothers who have children with disabilities have one thing in common. It is difficult for them to leave their children at home to work, while some of them are no longer young. Therefore, Rorokenes held a leather weaving training program for these mothers so that the results could be made into Rorokenes bags. So, by buying a Rorokenes bag, it means that you have given contribution to empower local communities, especially women.

Besides empowering the community, Rorokenes also collaborates with Pundi Perempuan managed by Indonesia for Humanity (IKa) and Komnas Perempuan to provide support for the women who became victims of violence. This support was born from Rorokenes’ concern for issues of violence and discrimination against women that often occur in society. Through Pundi Perempuan, Rorokenes wants to help by providing advocacy and create safe houses for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. In order to make the public become more educated about the issue of violence against women, Rorokenes always slips the Pundi Perempuan flyer in the bag that is sent to customers.

Rorokenes also collaborates with the Badan Amil Zakat Nasional (Baznas) of Semarang City by regularly providing assistance for those in need. This assistance was given especially to families affected by COVID-19 who are in Rorokenes cluster. Some of Rorokenes profits are allocated for social programs and community empowerment, including for both Baznas and Pundi Perempuan.

In addition, Rorokenes is trying to make genuine woven leather bag products that are environmentally friendly. Leather factories that are in collaboration with Rorokenes must be SNI certified, pass ISO, and have a tested waste management system.

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