How to Buy

  • 1

    Choose the product that you want, and then click “Add to Quote“.

  • 2

    Fill “Request a Quote” form completely. In the process of filling out the form, you will also register as a new user. If you have previously registered, make sure you login first through the links available.

  • 3

    After Request a Quote form is completely filled, click “Send Your Request” button. Quote that you request can be viewed through My Account menu.

  • 4

    Always check email regularly. The store admin will send you a purchase quotation via email with shipping nominal included. If you have agreed with the existing prices, all you need to do is click “Accept” on the email.

  • 5

    After you click “Accept” on the quotation sent via email, you will be directed to the Checkout page on the website. Make a payment using PayPal.

  • 6
    If the goods have been shipped by the store, you will receive an email notification with the courier shipping number info. This information can also be viewed through My Account menu