Before buying a bag, the first thing you need to consider is choosing the materials used. It is important because the materials used will determine the shape, durability, aesthetic, and also price. Types of leather bags and the differences.

Among many kinds of materials for bags, leather is the one that is quite often used. Since hundreds years ago, leather bags have been famous because of their durability, strength, and the ease of finding the materials. High quality leather will last for years. The older the leather bags are, the softer they will be.

Rorokenes is an Indonesian local brand that produces bags, especially handmade woven leather bags, such as backpack, bucket bag, clutch, crossbody, evening bag, hobo bag, shoulder bag, and tote bag.

For common people, all materials look the same. But it is not true. There are some kinds of leather bags that you need to know.

Based on the type of weaving, there are two types :

First, the Non-Woven Leather Bag

The non-woven leather bag is the most common leather bag that can be found in the market. The leather is processed without weaving. Before it is made into bags, raw leather material is prepared and cleaned. The clean leather is then tanned. After that, it is separated based on the need and thickness. The separated leather is then dried to reduce the remaining water. Finally, the leather gets the finishing process, that is given some layers to protect the surface.

Second, the Woven Leather Bag

The woven leather bag is different from the non-woven leather one. The material is not only the plain piece, but it is also woven. According to its history, the art of weaving is from Malayan people. It has been developed in many regions in indonesia and it has become one of the cultural heritage.

Besides those two types, leather bags can be distinguished based on their genuineness.

First, the Synthetic Leather Bag

Synthetic leather bags are made of synthetic leather or faux leather. Different from those made of genuine leather, synthetic leather is not from animal. Synthetic leather bags are made of synthetic materials that are made with a machine to have similar look as the genuine ones.

There are also synthetic leather bags made of the mixture of both synthetic leather and the genuine one.This type is usually called as PU leather. This type of synthetic leather is made of the remain of leather that is processed with the mixture of plastic and other materials. The result of this PU sinthetic leather type is better than the real synthetic leather.

Synthetic leather bag is cheaper, but it is not as strong and durable as the genuine one. When it has been used for long time, the synthetic leather material peels and it smells like plastic or rubber.

Second, Genuine Leather Bag

Bags that are made of genuine leather have high quality because the material is more luxurious, more durable, stronger, and they last long. Bags, whether they are made of genuine leather or not, can be distinguished. The genuine leather has different smell that cannot be imitated by the syntetic one. Whereas based on the texture, the genuine leather cannot be consistent. Its natural surface can be hard or soft. Besides, genuine leather bag also has natural pores and imbalance.

Rorokenes woven leather bag is a bag made of 100% genuine leather. It has an elegant design, and it uses the leather from cows and sheep from the animals in animal farm, so it won’t disturb the ecosystem. The leather from goats and lambs is genuine and free of plastic, so it is safe for the environment.

There are a lot of profits if you use Rorokenes woven leather. Not only improve the aesthetic values, bags made of woven leather is also stonger compared to the non-woven ones.