Full daily activities and demands to move quickly make a backpack the right choice of bag to accompany you. Especially if there are a lot of things to bring. A bag, 100% genuine leather, that is practical, strong, and can load many items becomes a necessity.

But, is there a backpack made of genuine leather that is both tough and elegant?

We, at Rorokenes, have the answer, that is the Kamandhaka bag.

This multifunctional Kamandhaka has a shoulder strap that can be adjusted as needed. When you need a practical bag, Kamandhaka can be a backpack. When you want to look more elegant, Kamandhaka can turn into a carrier bag.

Kamandhaka is made of 100% genuine leather and it is handmade. It is not only made in Indonesia, but the material used, as much as 90%, also comes from within the country.

Interested? Make sure to buy the bag directly from us to get an official guarantee. DM our Instagram @rorokenesindonesia , contact via Fanpage facebook.com/rorokenesindonesia, or WhatsApp + 62811-2998-249


Rorokenes has the tagline “Semarang artisan woven bag, exquisite handcrafted product meets with sustainability and ethical concept. Where Rorokenes handmade leather bag business is ‘met’ with the principle of sustainability or sustainable development, and also applies an ethical concept, so that a business does not only pursue profit but considers the impact as the results of work.

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