The Genuine leather bags are always preferable. Compared to the synthetic leather bags, these bags are considered to have a higher quality, strength, and durability. All the leather materials used by Rorokenes are made of cow, sheep, and goat’s skin. Not from the skin of protected endangered animals.

Using the skin of an endangered animals is illegal. The transaction of endangered animal can be punished 5 years in prison and 100 million fined. Besides, buying products made of endangered animals is the same as committing a crime and fastening the exitinction of endangered animals.

By using animal farm’s skin, Rorokenes can produce genuine woven leather bags without sacrificing the environment.

The next question is how to take care of it ?

Tips of Looking After the Genuine Leather

Rorokenes products, that are made of the genuine leather, have a better quality than the synthetic ones. However, the look and the durability also depend on the way we take care of the bags. There are three ways that include 3 things ; they are cleaning, maintaining , and keeping.

First, the way in cleaning the bags

a leather bag should be cleaned as soon as possible if they get stained. If the stain is let longer, it will be more difficult to be cleaned. Our hands should be clean because leather materials absorb fat and oil.
Clean the bag using soft materials, such as cotton, cotton cloth, or microfiber. Do circular movement using a bit humid cloth, so it will not block the cloth pores. Do not clean a leather bag using sponge or too much water, because it takes so much time to dry. The bag is better to be cleaned using a certain cleaner once or twice a year.

Second, the way in maintaining the humidity of the bag

The humidity of leather bags must be kept using certain conditioner for leather bags, so that the bags will not become dry by the time; will not be wrinkled, unsoft, and peeled off. To avoid that , put some leather conditioner on a piece of soft cloth, and apply it all over the surface of the bags. It can be done twice a year or once a month, based on the humidity in the neighborhood.

Third, the way in keeping the bags

When the bags are not being used, they should be kept well to avoid damage . To maintain the shape, fill the bags with bubble wrap or parchment paper, not newspaper. After that put them inside the the dust bag. This dust bag prevents the leather bags from dust and dirt. Keep the bags in the cupboard or in their original box with some silica gel. Put them in a standing position, and please do not pile them up. Sometimes, it is important to take the bags out so that they will not be moldy.

Rorokenes products are high quality woven leather bags .With the correct treatment, your Rorokenes bags will always look like new and stay beautiful.

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