Would you like to have a beautiful and elegant handmade boston bag? There is Calya from Rorokenes that is worth collecting.

This bag, that is made of genuine leather, has 34 cm length, and 20 cm width and height. It is really suitable to carry a lot of things and it still looks charming.

Calya bag is also multifunctional because it’s designed for a handbag and sling bag. There is a removable long strap that can be used as needed. Want to be casual or formal, no problems!

For Ladies / Gentlemen who are interested in Rorokenes products,  a beautiful and elegant handmade Boston bag , please DM our Instagram instagram.com/rorokenesindonesia, or our Facebook page facebook.com/rorokenesindonesia, or WA Rorokenes +62811-2998-249 to leave your mobile phone number. We will contact you on December 21, 2019 ( when PO for December has been opened ) to confirm if there is an order.

About Rorokenes

Rorokenes woven leather bag is a bag made of 100% genuine leather. It has an elegant design, and it uses the leather from cows and sheep from the animals in animal farm, so it won’t disturb the ecosystem. The leather from goats and lambs is genuine and free of plastic, so it is safe for the environment.


Leather Woven Bag
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